Terms and conditions


These subscription terms apply to agreements on subscription to Profort A/S' mobile telephony service, entered into between the customer and Profort A/S (hereinafter referred to as Profort). Setup fee and subscription can be viewed via www.profort.com. Prices for services as well as tariffs are subject to change. The SIM card may only be used in GSM devices manufactured by Profort. If this is not complied with, Profort is entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate notice.



The agreement is entered into between the customer and Profort. The parties' agreement consists of the existing subscription terms and Profort's pricing. The customer is liable for any consumption of services, provided under this agreement. Only adults can enter into an agreement with Profort.

The agreement is entered into by the customer filling in the form via www.profortsimkort.dk and accepting the subscription terms and conditions. If the customer does not order via the Internet, the agreement is entered into the moment Profort has received a completed and signed agreement from the customer and has approved the customer by activating the customer in the system. It is a prerequisite that the customer has an email address.

Upon registration, the customer undertakes to comply with Profort's subscription conditions and at the same time the customer must provide some information. The customer information can consist of a company name and address, telephone number and email address.

The customer has a duty to immediately update any expired payment card on his account via www.profortsimkort.dk.

If the customer, for technical reasons, cannot be connected to Profort, or if Profort does not wish to maintain the agreement with the customer after a credit assessment has been made, the agreement is canceled with immediate effect. Any paid subscription fee is non-refundable.

Transfer of telephone number is not possible.

Calls to some costlier telephone numbers, such as 90 numbers, and international numbers are blocked by Profort, which is why the subscription does not work abroad.

Profort reserves the right to always be able to set a credit maximum when this is justified in the customer's circumstances. If a customer's outstanding amounts (both due and not due) with Profort exceed this credit maximum, the customer is obliged to provide security in the form of a cash deposit or equivalent immediately upon request from Profort. Profort is entitled to reduce the customer's use of the subscription until the customer's outstanding amount has been reduced to below the set credit maximum. If the customer does not provide the necessary security, Profort is entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate notice.



Profort Profort is entitled to charge a setup and change fee for the agreement itself. Profort is also entitled to charge for exceeding the monthly inclusion, supplementary services, and services.

Profort invoices semi-annually or annually. Exceeding the monthly inclusion, supplementary services, and services can, however, be invoiced immediately. Invoice copy is sent by email.

Payment is deducted automatically via the customer's credit card. Where nothing is stated, all amounts are exclusive of VAT. Profort also reserves the right to block the service in the event of non-payment.

Invoice specification. No separate invoice specification is available.